The story comes from:- silence deep design of our products is inspired by nature with my design. I liked to play with my inspiration coming from Indo Pakistan culture brining sophisticated & well studied color scheme in all our product. The source of our inspiration is heritage. Which I love to integrate in each product we create. Colors talk in each product with their own story of life in silence deep place speaking more about color design texture. Our customer are enjoying to see in our design natural print and each cloth we create have its own story inspired by my vision about color: dark colors show life emotions and light soft color brings soothing needed in life with the heritage mark that inspires each customer to come and visit us again. Heritage meaning identify or new experience for our customer.

We started from my passion for cloth design in 2011 creating unique design stories for friends and family. Enjoying the experience transformed our passion in a solid brand zairiffi's and launched in melange islamabad 2016 in solo exhibition. Welcomed by a great success in the market we continued to exhibit our brand in labels Faisalabad and Jasmine Mall of Lahore.

Since then we create with great passion and inspiration women, men, kids and western wear, zairiffi's is an online brand.

Always inspired by colors story and heritage roots we aim to create for each customer fashion they need. Each design is curated for you. Western and eastern wear. A wardrobe that works for working women zairiffi's caters all categories of all female fashionable dresses with its luxurious fabrics that make personality unique and distinctive among all class.

Zairaiffi's is registered in Pakistan. We are proud to be made our all products are made in Pakistan

Zairiffi's CEO and Creative Head of Brand is certified designer in fashion designer, Interior designer and Architect design and 3D Visualizer.


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